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18. srpna 2010 v 18:21 | Andrew Savary |  Povídání běžného rázu
Řekněme že se dost nudím. Následující text bude tak trochu šifra, i příprava na nadcházející desetiměsíční pobyt ve škole zároveň. Jestli budete v každé větě nacházet hromady hrubých chyb, povolení hlasitě křičet, smát se nebo zvracet uděleno.

I'm sure a 90 percent of you, who are that strong-minded to have some interest in reading all this stuff around here,  had previous month-and-a-half of summer holidays a way better than I had. Why 90 percent? Well, I don't expect that I have more than 10 readers, and since one of them is also me, then lets say "all of you who isn't me". And why do I think so? I doubt there is someone, who spent less than just about 10 days somewhere else than home. And if so, he or she did indoors sure more than just pack everything in his/hers own room, moving it somewhere else. Yeah, I also painted our wooden fence around garden, but that hardly counts. Anything else? I bet watching "How i met your mother" or "Dead like me" all the time is not an activity.
And I still remember i've wrote someting about "I-don't-want-to-spend-holidays-like-this" earlier. Well, it happened again and it's too late to cry above spilled milk. Hoping at least that upcoming two last weeks will make it better. They look like that at least from this point.

Now about someting else. My written short-story (or how is ENG word for "povídka"... google fails at finding some appropriate word... all of what it recommends I'd rather add to someting longer than 22 pages) is done already, it waits only for final correcting and some illustrations, wich my friend promised. But, I changed my mind for a little bit, and this written story gets fom me only those, who asks for it. Politely. And sure everyone who I promised to or anyone else who I consider as my regular reader. I just dont want to put it here, because it is a bit longer than I expected, and I don't want to create a mess here by releasing 16 separate articles, each for every chapter in it.

At all, I finally heard some rumor in our family, that it could be nice, if we would buy a new camera, instead of our "six year old 5Mpx digital someting" that once did quite nice pictures, but now, it really sucks. I could finally get myself outdoors for just walking and taking pictures of anything interesting. I want at least try it. My goal in this sphere of art goes a little bit different way, but at first, I need to even teach what it does and some techniques. That goal is meant as taking a whole video instead of pictures, and getting better in it. Some after-editing in computer also planned. But about that another time.

Also, I do remember that I promised some new layout, design, or whatever. There was a few ideas in previous weeks, but all it's just thoughts, no real work yet. Lets say it won't be done in upcoming weeks, but sometime in September or October, it might appear. When it's done, it's done...

O hey, you're still reading this. That's... a little bit weird. But, I've realized that writing in english is kinda fun. Maybe next time, it gets its own section here... or not. Let me know how much was my english annoying or wrong. It could help me decide.

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